Arcserve has been protecting company data for over four decades. Traditionally, data protection is an uncool space. Something companies drastically need, but aren’t interested in talking about. We were tasked with elevating the brand, so that the world takes notice.

The Challenge

IT security is boring. Create an unmistakable brand that stands out from the competition.


The Office of Experience


Senior Designer

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Art Direction

Sea of sameness

The majority of the industry skews towards blue hues with a few red outliers. It’s a pretty unimaginative space. Arcserve’s defense doesn’t cover only one facet of the cybersecurity world, so why should the brand?

Color wheel comparing competitor brand's colors

Full spectrum

Through market research, we selected a truly unique color palette to stand out from the competition. Ignoring the blues and teals, we created an unmistakable identity to serve an ingenious solution in data security. In an effort to allow more freedom in the color palette, we removed color from the logo. Leaving it with only black or white options. By limiting it to black or white, we were able to build the colorful brand expression around the logo.

Black and white logo variationsPrimary Color PaletteBlack tones used in color paletteTypography used in the brand

Stand out from the pack

Avoiding the cliché symbols of skulls, shields, and locks, we created a series of vibrant illustrations for brand storytelling messages. The layers of color within the illustrations reinforce the notion of multiple levels of defense that Arcserve provides.

colorful, flat graphic illustration print ad conceptcolorful, flat graphic illustration print ad conceptcolorful, flat graphic illustration print ad concept

Distinctly different

Their digital experience makes up the largest footprint of their brand. Creating a perfect space to differentiate themselves from the competition. To help guide their team of designers through a flexible identity system, we created a series of components for future asset creation.

Arcserve website homepage design
Arcserve website solutions page designArcserve website product page design
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