CSA Group

CSA Group is a standards association that works across multiple industries to ensure higher standards for workers and consumers. Working to create safer and more efficient products.

The Challenge

Evolve the brand without stripping away it’s rich heritage.


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scope of work

Design system

Refining a legacy

Some logos don’t need to be completely reworked. Rather than reinventing the wheel and losing all of the brand equity the CSA Group mark has built over the past 100+ years, we decided to strip away the extraneous elements of the previous iteration. Aligning the mark closer to its roots to continue the legacy of the logo. Making the mark seen on products aligned with the company’s thumbprint.

CSA group logo evolution throughout the years of the brand

Focused and precise

The blue hue was selected to represent credibility and trust, pulling reference from highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. To complement the blue, we introduced an orange hue that would also represent the standards side of the business.

CSA Group data visualization conceptsCSA Group business card conceptCSA Group standards layout conceptCSA Group editorial design conceptCSA Group centennial celebration social media conceptsCSA Group billboard conceptCSA Group homepage design concept across multiple device screens

All in the family

Building off of the momentum from the updated logo, we created a set of icons to represent each product area CSA Group supports. Further extending the logo’s equity into different elements of the brand.

CSA Group industrial icon
CSA Group appliances icon
CSA Group lighting icon
CSA Group energy and power icon
energy & power
CSA Group international identification icon
international certification
CSA Group oil and gas icon
Oil & gas
CSA Group emc icon
CSA Group healthcare icon
CSA Group medical devices icon
Medical Devices
CSA Group consumer products icon
consumer products
CSA Group certification icon
CSA Group construction icon
CSA Group fe-si icon
CSA Group cyber security icon

Reliable resource

Once the vision was established, we shifted our focus to the website. The previous version was impossible to navigate. Links redirecting users to the same page with varying nomenclature created a cycle of confusion and an overall bad user experience. Our job was to start a massive overhaul in reorganizing the website to build a functional experience. Through numerous rounds of testing, we distilled the content into clear, logical categories. Providing an effortless experience, users are now able to quickly find the pertinent information for their specific product.

CSA Group tablet layoutCSA Group mobile layoutCSA Group desktop layout

Two sides of the coin

With the two areas of business working as separate arms, we used blue as the primary color for testing and orange for standards. Allowing each section of the brand to have a distinct, yet familiar look to aid in clarity and functionality.

CSA Group Testing and Inspection landing page website designCSA Group Standards website landing page


Due to the complexity of the website and new content continuously being published, we created a design system to help guide CSA Group in future asset creation. Designing groups of components for specific instances, so they could continue to publish standards without the fear of turning their website back into an incoherent mess.

CSA Group design system asset library
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