Getting a new job is a big deal, but getting a new job in a different state is massive. Moving your entire life can feel like an impossible task. Swiftly is a corporate relocation app that helps automate the process of rapid, cross-country moves. Making the impossible, possible.

The Challenge

How can we simplify corporate relocation?


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Building the brand

Understanding the stressful nature of cross-country relocation, we decided on a cool blue as our main color to convey a sense of calm across the experience. Supporting the blue is a palette of vibrant, saturated colors that bring energy to the brand. The set of icons and illustrations match the logo with light, broken line weights giving a sense of speed and urgency. Overall, we created a system that is meant to provide a sense of calm and energy to the moving process. Something that is typically a stressful and draining experience.

outline logo on design gridfinal logo design
swiftly color palette
icon styleswiftly illustration style
3d rendering of logo on iphone home screen

Effortless setup

For new products, setting up a new account can be a hurdle in itself to get new users. Especially when the user already has a hundred other things to think about during the moving process. Knowing that, we made the setup process extremely quick and easy. Once the basic setup was completed, Swiftly could be put to work.

Swiftly account setup screenSwiftly account setup screenSwiftly account setup screen

Locals only

Once set-up, each user is automatically assigned a concierge local to their new home to help guide them through the process. Whatever their priorities are, Swiftly’s relocation specialist will provide them with a shortlist of options, so they can focus on the big picture.

Swiftly concierge and contact screenSwiftly concierge profile

Lay of the land

Each user flow is different. Some people could immediately look for housing, while others could look for movers. To simplify the user flow, we used the new work address as a starting location, so Swiftly’s concierge could connect users with a short list of local realtors or movers depending on their needs. Each realtor has a profile that includes reviews and a brief bio for the user to select the perfect match. If they’re unsure whether they want to rent a truck or hire movers, Swiftly can also provide instant moving quotes from multiple companies in-app.

moving and realtor app section
moving, realtors, and housing app screensmoving quotes app screens

Making the grade

Once a neighborhood has been selected during the moving process, Swiftly can help find which are the best schools in the district. The process can also be flipped depending on the users priorities. Allowing for specific school districts to help guide the home searching process.

schools search results screen

Under one roof

Every aspect of the user’s move is monitored in their profile, in a timeline view, giving them a clear overview of what still needs to be done. If the user is ever overwhelmed by the list they can also message the concierge directly to help with the process.

profile overview screensprofile overview screens
profile overview screensprofile overview screens
collage of all app screens
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