As a company that has been around for over a century, Walgreens has gone through phases where they’ve had to adapt their business to changing customer needs. As people’s lives become more busy and the world more digital, Walgreens has been looking for ways to evolve.

The Challenge

Bring the savings of the Weekly Ad into the digital age.

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Paperless Coupons

Keeping savings at the core of their business, the Weekly Ad has been updated and printed each week for over forty years. However, the method of cutting coupons out of a printed piece and bringing them to the store is no longer seen as a convenience. Leading us to the decision to revamp the entire Balance Rewards program.

Working with a team of UX designers and four separate development teams, we digitized the Weekly Ad and leveraged a partnership with Coupons.com. Allowing us to create a seamless experience that joined store and manufacturer’s coupons into one location.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Paperless Coupons Desktop Web Experience

Create a flexible system

With the coupons being updated weekly, from multiple APIs that weren’t controlled by Walgreens, we needed to design a flexible coupon system that worked with six different data sets as well as desktop, tablet, and mobile touch points. We understood we couldn’t control the content, but we could set the constraints.

collage of Walgreens paperless coupon designs

Make it the most convenient choice

Let’s face it. Sitting at home, clipping coupons out of a printed catalogue is outdated. Especially, when you can hold thousands of coupons in your pocket and redeem them in an instant.

Along with the desktop, and tablet experiences, Paperless Coupons can also be accessed on the mobile website. Making it easier for customers to find savings in-store. Providing a place to quickly search or swipe through thousands of coupons while shopping, with the ability to automatically redeem them at checkout.

Screens of Walgreens Paperless Coupons Mobile Experience

Keep track of your points

Building off of their motto, At the corner of Happy and Healthy, we created a way for customers to earn points for healthy activity by connecting their fitness device directly to their account. Giving them a chance to earn points while doing their normal routine.

After discussions with customers, we learned that they wanted more ways to redeem their points. Something that went beyond redeeming in-store. So we created a section where customers can easily donate points to a charity directly from their account.

stacked group coupons showing more ways to earn and spend your pointsfitbit flex activity data gives you pointsdifferent charities to donate your points to.

Everything centered around the points

With the addition of Paperless Coupons and Member-only Offers, we created the Balance Rewards dashboard to be the main hub for everything regarding points.

Multiple offers can be active at the same time making the dashboard a great way to help track the points earned in various categories.

Since Walgreens has many parts to their brand, it was necessary to consolidate the user experience into one easy-to-use dashboard. Through research, we learned that users often didn’t know they had points available to redeem in-store. By centering everything around the points in the dashboard, it was clear for users to track and redeem their Balance Rewards points.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Dashboard Desktop Web Experience
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