Lenovo Vibe

Lenovo Vibe is Lenovo's smartphone product line. In an effort to separate themselves from global leaders such as iPhone and Pixel, Lenovo created a tiered approach to their smartphone lineup. Creating models for entry-level, intermediate, and business needs. They focus their energy on emerging markets such as Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The Challenge

Build a compelling marketing campaign to be deployed across global markets.


The Office of Experience


Senior Designer

scope of work


Each with their own vibe

To differentiate the models, each device received a specific pattern to create a clear distinction that would be used across all corresponding tactics.

Lenovo Vibe P2 with assigned gradientLenovo Vibe K6 Note with assigned gradientLenovo Vibe K6 with assigned gradient
Lenovo Vibe B with assigned gradientLenovo Vibe C2 with assigned gradientLenovo Vibe A with assigned gradient

Vibin' in the streets

Building off of the key visuals, we began creating tactical templates. Billboard and poster templates were created for teams that wanted to drive out-of-store awareness. Since these types of ads only get a brief time in front of eyes, the messaging stayed high-level to introduce the brand.

Lenovo Vibe K6 Branding Billboard DesignLenovo Vibe K6 Note Branding Billboard DesignLenovo Vibe C2 Branding Billboard Design

Online presence

Higher-tier devices were given retail website landing page templates to showcase key features allowing customers to learn more about the specific devices. They proved as guides for regional teams to design for retail sites such as Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, and Tencent.

Website retail landing page design
Lenovo Vibe P2 lifestyle key visual design

Hands-on approach

Multiple retail assets were created to assist the sales experience. Posters and ad cubes worked to bring customers in while the brochures and ePOS slideshows allowed them to take a deeper dive. The easiest way to sell the device was to allow a hands-on demo. Each device was equipped with a digital slideshow to run as a screensaver in a retail environment. The slideshow would display key features for the specific device. Upon touching the screen, the slideshow would disappear to allow the customer to interact with the device.

Collage of ePOS screens
K6 product brochure designStacked C2 POS cubes for retail space
3D rendering of retail space
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