SRAM is a Chicago-based cycling component manufacturer that prides themselves on engineering excellence. Being only a fraction of the size of their competitors, quality in each part is essential. We were approached because their current website no longer delivers an inspirational and aspirational experience to their consumers.

The Challenge

Each of SRAM’s sub-brand websites look completely different. Create a system to unify the brands while allowing room for customization.

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Do I know you?

After an audit of assets, we recognized a trend. Everything was different. The navigation, footers, naming conventions—everything. Each page seemed to be a completely unrelated addition to the prior. Leading down a rabbit hole. Which is sort of ironic since they had a dropdown menu in their footer called, The Rabbit Hole.

Inconsistent SRAM sub-brand navigationInconsistent SRAM sub-brand navigation
Inconsistent SRAM sub-brand navigationInconsistent SRAM sub-brand navigation

Under one roof

Since SRAM has multiple sub-brands in their navigation, we simplified it to make it more clear which brand’s website you were viewing. Creating a consistent theme for each brand to follow. We started with similarities before diving into what’s different.

Consolidated navigation redesign for QuarqConsolidated navigation redesign for ZippConsolidated navigation redesign for TruvativConsolidated navigation redesign for RockshoxConsolidated navigation redesign for SRAM

Flex the system

With the navigation in place, we needed to build-out some sub-brand pages to ensure they felt consistent, yet distinctly their own brand.

SRAM website homepage designRockshox homepage concept design

Mud, sweat, & tears

SRAM Life is the heart of the brand. It’s the reason so many people love SRAM products. Knowing that, we wanted to create a hub for the athletes to easily share their stories. As well as pay respect to their heritage and philanthropic efforts.

SRAM social media fan images

Live on the podium

The athletes are their best brand ambassadors, but on their previous site they weren’t featured at all. For SRAM Life, we built pages for their athletes in every discipline. Allowing for a brief bio and links to their social media sites.

SRAM athletes website page header
SRAM athlete profile imageSRAM athlete on pump-track
SRAM athlete spotlight website designRockshox product page design

Athlete tested, athlete approved

If you believe in what you do, showcase it. All of SRAM’s products are used by professional athletes which make them the best critics. Pro athletes push their gear to the absolute limit. Without trust in your gear, you’ve already lost half the battle. If the components were garbage, they wouldn’t be using them. Let the pros be the voice for the products. It’s that easy.

SRAM product page website design
SRAM The Fix website blog designSRAM Life website blog design
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